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Full service agencywith 5 years on the market

Paid traffic

We boost your results through paid traffic, directing a qualified audience to you.

Our solutions

Web site

We design a website to direct actions and offer a convincing experience to visitors, increasing their conversions.

Social media

We build genuine connections, driving engagement and expanding your brand's reach.


With our SEO service, you increase your website's ranking in search engines and receive qualified organic traffic.

Audiovisual production

We create visual narratives that inspire, inform and leave a lasting impression about your business.

Trademark registration

Protect your brand identity. We guide you through the process, ensuring that your brand is legally protected.


The Most Digital

We are Mais Digital Network, an agency with 5 years of experience in online marketing and advertising services, connecting people who generate results with companies looking to sell more. The main characteristic of our service is the way we operate that is different from old market practices. There are more than 200 clients who believe in and use our methodology throughout Brazil.

We use a square in our LOGO to give our customers more security, honesty and balance

Building and maintaining contacts and professional relationships in different areas and sectors.

Meet the minds that are shaping our success anddiscover how our marketing team can boost your brand.

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Who's behind?

Hello, I'm Edmar, CEO of Mais Digital Network. With an academic background in Marketing and an MBA in Sales Marketing, I bring almosta decade of experiencein the area of Marketing and sales management. In 2018, I took a big step and founded my own agency, a platform dedicated tobring real results to business through innovative strategies.

Throughout my journey, I obtained the certificate asMaster in Subido PRO (mentoring and development program from the largest traffic manager in Brazil - Pedro Sobral), a recognition that validates my constant search for excellence in the field of marketing.

At Mais Digital Network, my team and I offer a full range of services designed to meet the needs of small, medium and large companies.I believe in the importance of building solid and lasting relationships with my clients, based on mutual trust and commitment to success.



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